Monday, September 12, 2011

Pink Saturday and Vintage Marketplace!

Last weekend was the Vintage Marketplace at Rainbow CA.
This is a wonderful market held four times a year,
lovely vendors, beautiful things...
a great place to find inspiration, flea market finds,
handcrafted lovelies,
and vintage goodies with which to craft.

Remember these little pink kitchen appliances? Soooo cute...

All grown up now...

Dreamy delicates...

And I got to meet up with my friend Karen,
who was my swap partner in Kari's May Basket Swap.
We're going to do a Halloween swap!

I have lots more pictures that I'll post for White Wednesday.

I'll leave you with a couple of sweet little girls:

Click to enlarge, right click and save!

And I will have Halloween freebies all month long in October!

Take a look at Pink Saturday for
more pink loveliness!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Saturday, Sunsets and Blackout and Freebies

Happy Pink Saturday and Welcome new followers! And everyone :)

Strange goings on in Southern California...
First, there was RAIN on Labor Day :O
Followed by a week of 100 degree temperatures and 90 degree humidity!
It did make for some lovely warm Summer evenings
and for beautiful sunsets like this:

Oh yes, and then the Blackout!

I felt so cut off from the rest of the world...the radio in my car didn't work because the radio stations didn't have cell phone didn't work even though it's WiFi...our phones are on electric chargers, and because they were out of juice we couldn't use we really had no idea as to the extent of the outage or when it would be fixed...

We still can't use water from the faucet without boilng it for one minute.

Here's a couple of images to get you started on your Halloween crafting:

Click, right click and save!

Have a great weekend, and visit Pink Saturday to view some lovely pinkness.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday and Back to School Freebies!

It's the waning hours of Pink Saturday,
but I am going to get this post in today or bust!

My monthly *aRt*pArTy!! swap last month was to alter a cigar/pencil box.
Due to summer vacations, we were but a small group,
but had so much fun swapping boxes, sipping Skinny Margaritas
and eating Mexican fare at our potluck!

I made this little box:

I used Tim Holtz's "Ornamental" die with a 4x6" patterned cardstock to make the frame. Then glued butterflies upon butterflies to give it more dimension.

The side view:

I received this lovely box from Rosa:

These are all the boxes. Oddly enough, they are all the same size,
but you'd never know it from this picture!

Some kind of trompe l'oeil with perspective. :/?
I love the embellishments Vicki made for the turquoise box.
And Ginger's Wizard of OZ theme was just so fun and cute!

Since next week marks the end of summer with a return to school,
I tought I'd share a couple of my favorite vintage School pix:



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