Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Friends!

That's pretty much me these days.
I have been leveled by a monster cold this week,
and tapping away at the keyboard is pretty much all I manage.
And...oh my gosh...where do the hours go when you're on Pinterest?!
Or I Can Has Cheezburger (cute pet pics)?

Oh, but I do have some things to share with you...

I received these lovely journals from my partners in
Speckled Egg's Altered Journal swap.

The gorgeous journal I received from Ros:

And the very lovely journal I received from Kim:

I love them, thank you Ros and Kim!!

I did finish my vintage button brooch for a swap
in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group:

I have it pinned to a fabric tag in the picture,
I think they look pretty cute together. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by,
and you may like to stop by White Wednesday
where you will find lovely links to lovely whites :)

Time for a couple of freebies:

Click to enlarge, right click and save!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! may be thinking,
I see Lorraine's been busy making lots of valentines...
I'll bet she's received some pretty sweet valentines
from her swap partners.
Well, yes...yes I have!
Here's a little gallery of the beautiful valentines
I received from my lovely swap partners at Paper Whimsy.

From Julie Loeschke:

From Alison Kissling:

From Trish Duncan:

From Mary Ann Severin:

From Marti McClure:

From Heather Corn:

From Carolyn Huber:

From Chris Thuerk:

From Wendy Aspinall:

From Sandy Scholz:

Thank you all, ladies, I haven't gotten this many valentines since fifth grade!!
Which was, um, a while ago! :)

You can see the valentines I made by clicking on the picture:

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Click to enlarge, right click and save!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Pink Saturday, Altered Tins and Freebies!

The dog ate my homework!
Well, actually, Blogger ate my blog post!
Last Pink Saturday, I posted about my altered tins,
Friday it was there on my blog...
and Saturday it wasn't! Gone!
In truth, it was probably something I did wasn't me!

So, I will do a quick recap, plus more Valentine goodies!
I made this tin for Wendy for her
Hearts and Flowers Valentine Tin Swap.

Pin It

The heart is the bottom half of an Altoid tin.
Yes! I knew they made special heart-shaped tins for Valentine's Day,
and I searched for weeks trying to locate them!
I lined the inside rim with Tim Holtz tissue tape.
I then glued on some pretty background paper and onto that
a crepe paper yoyo edged with vintage silver glass glitter.
Also glass glittered the rim of the tin.
Adorable image from Debrina Pratt and butterfly wings from Paper Whimsy.
Made a cupcake with chipboard from Maya Road.
Glued on a glitter heart and xoxoxo.
Outside rim edged with Tim Holtz tissue tape,
then I glued red ruffled satin ribbon on top of that.

And voila the very lovely tin that Wendy made for me!

Doesn't it look cute hanging on the Eiffel Tower?
Thank you, Wendy, I ♥love♥ it!!

I was having so much fun making valentines
that I found it hard to stop! I made this LOVE banner

for a special little 5 year old, my niece!
The banner fits inside the box,
which is an altered Russell Stover candy box.
My friend Marti had the idea for her altered tin,
and I wanted to put a "juvenile" spin on it.

And since I was into the kiddie valentine thing,
I made this altered Altoid tin:

And inside I tucked in some bon bons made of buttons:

I was just loving working with all that RED!

Here's a couple of kiddie valentine freebies for you...

Click to enlarge, right click and save!

Thanks for stopping by...
You may like to stop by Pink Saturday
for more pink and red inspiration!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Wednesday and Altered Journal

Welcome White Wednesday-ers!

I have another altered journal I'd like to share with you,
this one with a creamy vintage felt heart on the cover!

This is the second of three sewing themed journals I created recently.
If you'd like to see the first one, scroll down to the previous post.
And if you'd like to see the third one, stay tuned! :)

Here are some of my favorite layouts from inside the journal:

This journal went to one of my partners in Speckled Egg's Altered Journal Swap.

And a couple of freebies, sewing themed of course!

Click to enlarge, right click and save!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!
And you may like to pop in to White Wednesday
for all sorts of white loveliness!


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