Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August!! Kitty!! Dolls!! Pastries!!

Hello Friends!

OMG!!  It's August!!

This does not mean I post only in months that start in A, LOL!
 But I have been a real slacker-blogger lately!
It's been a little of this, a little of that...
Out of town guests, a little vacation,
computer eye issues, PINTEREST,
and a little bit of Summertime laziness thrown in for good measure!  ;)

But the real culprit is my
who has been keeping me very busy playing with her!!

She always wants to be doing what I'm doing!
Here she is helping me craft...

Getting a little shut-eye...
She's one year old and was apparently left behind
when her owners moved.  :O
But she was only at the shelter for two weeks,
and I scooped her up the first day she was available!
She is such a super sweetie and a real joy!!
I was in a swap last month where we swapped
"clothespin/peg dolls mounted on a box"!
I had so much fun making mine,
I used a vintage hankie and rhinestone button,
and painted her hair pink!!
Here are some more dolls from the swap,
there's a Marie Antoinette, a couple of French girls,
a garden girl and a couple of other cuties!! 

We also took a little mini-vacation to Las Vegas.
I really do love Las Vegas,
I love to go to the celebrity chef restaurants,
see a great show,
(the Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson is fantastic!)
hang out by the pool, shop...
And we always stop in at the Bellagio,
there is a fabulous chocolate shop there, Jean Phillipe.
Look at these cakes (Yes, the woman in chocolate is also a cake!):

 And look at these beautiful pastries:

There is a conservatory in Bellagio that they redecorate seasonally,
and they're always amazing.
For summer, they have a summer/Americana theme:

These birds and snails are made entirely of seeds and dried flowers,
Rose Parade style:

I love the kites hanging from the ceiling.
There's always a water feature.
I love this little pond with the bridge and waterfall:

I do have more swaps and projects to share,
but I'll save that for next time ;)
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And for all things lovely and vintage, visit Knick of Time!
♥♥♥Thank you so much for visiting and for all your lovely comments!! ♥♥♥
Hope it's not too hot where you are!  Have a great weekend!


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