Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April! Airline Destroys Shadowbox! Fabric Collage! Snippets! Freebies!

Hello Friends!

April showers!!
Well, not really here, it is San Diego, after all!

This next piece is something I've wanted to blog about for awhile,
but wanted to make sure it got safely in the hands of it's recipients first!
My nephew married a delightful young woman last December,
they had a beautiful Christmas themed wedding,
and I wanted to make something special for them--
a shadowbox using bits of their wedding invitation along with
pictures of them during their engagement,
leading up to the wedding.
And I wanted to hand deliver it to them
at their rehearsal dinner.
I should mention that we live on opposite coasts.
I thought I would be safe in hand carrying it in
my onboard luggage.
Our connecting flight was on a smaller regional jet,
and hand luggage is stowed in the baggage compartment as you board the plane.
They unload the baggage compartment,
and send it up in a little elevator to the gate for you to pick up.
Somehow, some way, lucky me,
my bag got caught between the elevator and the shaft,
it wouldn't open, it wouldn't close,
the only way to dislodge it was to send it back down
and let it drop 30 FEET!
They claimed they tried to catch it...

I wish I had a picture of the suitcase...
But I do have this...
This is what the shadowbox looked like when I packed it:

This is what I received when I finally got my baggage:

They (the airline personnel) were very apologetic,
but I had worked long and hard on it,
and I had so wanted to give it to them in person at the RD...  :(

there is a happy ending!
After begging for bits of the invitation from various relatives,
I pulled myself together to to try recreate it,
which was a bit tricky, 
now that they are married,
and I needed to work the wedding in.

 Well, I did,
and the happy couple just happened to come to San Diego last week,
and I was able to give them this:

 in person!!
They loved it,
and we had a lovely time together!

Catching up on some other projects...
I was in a snippet roll swap earlier this year.
I had wanted to do one of those for a long time,
and had so much fun making them!
They are quite addictive!
I love the idea that you can take bits and pieces of fabric and lace
and add to it and make something so lovely!

This next is a 4 x 6 fabric collage sampler
which I made for my partner in
Swap for All Season's monthly fabric sampler swap.
I made this very vintage lace butterfly the focal point,
not realizing but delighted to find out my partner loves butterflies!
Some Spring-y freebies for you:

Click to enlarge, right click and save!

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