Friday, April 27, 2012

Marie Antoinette in a Teacup!

Hello Friends!

Today is Pink Saturday around the blogosphere,
and I thought today might be a good day for me to join in the fun,
because I have a little alltered teacup to share with you. 
The Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group is having a
Marie's Garden Tea Party swap,
in which you are to create a beautiful garden party in a tea cup for your partner.
My partner is Kris, who likes antique Bavarian china in pink and green colors for Spring.
I found the perfect teacup in the first shop I went to!! 

 Antique!  Pink and Green!!  Bavarian!!! 
Since this is the type of china Kris likes to collect,
I thought I would make the garden party removeable
and not permanently alter the teacup.

I did this by shaving my florist foam into cup form
and gluing two rows of leaves over it.
Then I glued the bottom of a peat pot to the bottom
so the little vignette could stand on it's own.
 I then glued moss to the florist foam,
along with a garden variety of paper flowers and vintage millinery.
And a couple of  cute little pink mushrooms :)

I made a little garden arch by twisting two long wired
floral sprays together and shaping into an arch.
Which doubles as a handle to lift Marie out to play!  :)
And because a lady should look good from all sides, 

Marie from the back!
I had so much fun creating this,
this group dreams up the most creative swaps!
I'll share the teacup garden party Kris makes for me next Teacup Tuesday!
Here's some lovely flowers for you:

Click to enlarge, right click and save! 

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And for all things lovely and vintage, visit Knick of Time!

Have a great weekend!
Time for tea...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrifty Finds and Tulips and Bees!

Hello Friends!
I so want to get this post out to you all.
But I also want to play with my baby girl who's visiting from NYC!
So here's a little post of what I've been up to:
I had one of those "stars in alignment" weeks
where I found some wonderful things at the thrift stores/estates sale,
some of which I actually needed!
OK, really wanted, anyway!

Do you even see that 25 cent price tag on those lovely linens and handkerchiefs?!

 OK, if there's silver, even silverplate, and I have some dollars in my pocket, I'm buying it!
And, oh, I do love those little mirrored trays:

Is this not the sweetest, it's a little pocket with a flap, in perfect condition
with some sweet little embroidery on it...I'm thinking maybe a rosary pocket?  Anyone?

Love this little Marie Antoinette style demi-tasse:

I always need serveware, and these are silverplate and especially pretty, I think:

I also got a bag of lace, some of which is handmade,

no picture, but it is lovely. 
I really do treasure women's handiwork.
Also found some lovely china, which is to be a gift,
so no pic on that yet.  ;)
OK.  So, that brings me to....
I needed a little thank you gift,
and found a lovely Spring-y tin of tulips at Trader Joe's.
I wanted to make it a little more special,
so I added a little whimsical scallop around the top,

and embellished with a burlap handmade flower with rhinestone,

and added a little "merci" pennant.

I think it bumps it up a little from
"I just stopped at Trader Joe's on the way here and got you this plant!"  :) 
I hope.
And so easy-peasy!
Since there are bees swarming in my neighborhood this week--
and I'm not complaining...because I respect bees and the work they do :)
--here's a couple of  beehive freebies for you:

Click to enlarge, right click and save!
You may like to stop by Pink Saturday for links to some pink lovelies!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Urban Barn Flea Market!

Hello Friends!
I just have a little bit of catching up to do here,
and then it's on to some lovely pictures
of the Urban Barn's monthly flea market.
Is it too late to post pics of my egg-shaped
Marie Antoinette ATCs?
Oh, good!
 This one has a little "jardiniere/gardener" theme going on: 

And here is Marie in a teacup!

This egg shape was so much fun to work with.
And Marie is always fun to play with!

The Urban Barn has a monthly flea market
that we have been meaning to get to for ages.
We finally made it to the March market,
and were so glad we did!

They even have little treats for you to eat!
Everything was so beautifully displayed,
inside, outside in back, and outside in front,
like these jumbles of lovely things
from Laura of Chaotic Soul Jewelry.

Yes, we left with less money,
but with an armload of lovely things!

Some spring-y freebies for you:

Click to enlarge, right click and save!
You may like to stop by Pink Saturday for more pink lovelies!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hello Friends!

I'm participating in a very fun swap,
French Market Mini-bags,
where we are to embellish those little muslin bags
and fill them with goodies!
My first bag is for Terri:

This one for Debi:

This one for Mercedes:

And the little goodies:

I'll show you what I receive next week!
What's your Easter tradition?
It has become tradition in my family to go to Easter mass
at the Mission San Juan Capistrano


 and then brunch at El Adobe Restaurant,
a California State Historical Landmark.
It was originally an adobe home, built in 1797,
and the Juzgado (court and jails) was added in 1812.
The dungeon-like jail now serves as a wine cellar!   
I hope you and your families all have a wonderfully Happy Easter!

Click to enlarge, right click and save!
You may like to stop by Pink Saturday for more pink lovelies!
Have a great Easter weekend!


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