Monday, December 6, 2010


I was just at Home Depot when I got a blogging inspiration.
You see, in Southern California we don't have snow.
Well, actually, it did snow once
for about ten minutes around 25 years ago.
Short-lived flurries.

But what we do have here are fabulously gorgeous poinsettias!!
They are grown in San Diego's North County by a grower
who supplies about 90% of the world's
(yes, the WORLD'S) commercial poinsettias!
So they're everywhere in every variety of red,
and they're big and beautiful and healthy and lush!

Oooooo, pink!

Salmon pink and red!

Candy cane red and white!

Okay, let's talk about this horror.
Spray painting LIVE poinsettias with gold paint and glitter?!

The classic!

These pics were taken with my iphone, I didn't take my camera to Home Depot
because I didn't expect there to be a picture taking opportunity, LOL!

Here's a pretty lady sporting a poinsettia for you:

Click, then right click and save!

Have a great week!

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