Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Friday Freebies!

It's here!!
The Big Day!!
Although by the time you are reading this, the deed will have been done.
The dress revealed.
The vows vowed.
The kiss from the balcony.

Until then, I, from the west coast, am staying up at least until I see the dress.
I'll tivo the rest.

But there are wedding gifts! Or at least Friday Freebies. :)
Today's freebies are vintage wedding wishes for any couple, royal or not.

Click on each image, right click and save.

Happy Royal Wedding Day!



Recycled Rita said...

Hi Lorraine!
I just took a peek at all the royal festivities...She looked wonderful! Love the wedding cards!
happy friday! karen...

Marti McClure said...

Love the images!


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