Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Saturday!

Well, I think this might be my pinkest Pink Saturday post to date!
I made this petite theatre for my grandniece,
who just recently became a big sister to baby Liam.
I can finally post this, as by the time you are reading this
she will have received it.

She really is a cutie pie!

I am meeting her for the very first time this week...
unfortunately she lives on the other coast
and I do not get to see that branch of the family
nearly as much as I'd like.
So, I'm pretty excited!

The petite theatre is made from the bottom of a papier mache box
lined inside and out with cute papers, tinsel, glitter,
tulle, music paper rosette, crepe paper valance,
paper roses and some scrapbook embellishments.
Raspberry beads for the "feet".
I merged two pictures of her
to get the proper expression with a head to toe image. ;)

I'm hoping she won't notice that!

Think she'll like it?

Happy Pink Saturday to you all!
Thank you Beverly for giving us this opportunity to link up.


The Cranky Queen said...

That is the cutest project ever! I know that she will love it...thanx for sharing...come on over and visit The Cranky Queen soon, Tiffany

khess136 said...

Lorraine, your blog is charming and I'm so glad I signed up to follow you! Thank you, too, for the "freebie Fridays!" Your grandniece will be over the moon with this beautiful creation!


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