Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A long time ago, I lived in North Carolina--
how did I never make it to Asheville?!
Coming now from California,
where we have had a wet Winter and Spring,
and we think everything's nice and green here...
Ha! I now see how green Spring can really be!
Most of North Carolina looks like this:

But in Asheville, NC, there is a thriving, artsy little haven,
with lots of arts and crafts galleries, unique shops,
where the food in restaurants is grown locally...and organically,
and many of the items in stores are handcrafted,
and even some of the clothes in the little boutiques are handmade!

Let's take a little stroll:

Cute outdoor cafes:

Cute alleyways:


My daughter and son-in-law, the lovebirds,
and some of many public works of art:

Let's windowshop:

Paper flowers!

Chocolate stilettos!

Butterfly dress!

Let's go inside:

Paper dress!

How cute is this:

And the food was wonderful!

Breakfast, southern style, at Tupelo Honey:

Yes. Grits. But these were goat cheese grits, and so yummy!

And some random pics around town:

We loved our stay in wasn't long enough,
we didn't get to do everything we wanted...
but we'll be back!!!


1 comment:

BLISS angels said...

Love , love the butterfly dress and top OH my ! yes please but Lorraine I'm sorry you can keep the Grits.... I know I live in the south but my heart is still British and I want to add sugar and milk and eat it like cream of wheat....

OH yes you have won my giveaway... Hugs wendy


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